What is something Different about Clay Animation?

When you consider the many Kinds nowadays clay animation for advertisements of animation which are being used is the one which people seem to enjoy the most. It is the type of stuff that people remember long after it has been seen by them. In the world of advertising where the idea is to get the product you are marketing to be remembered by people, clay animation could be a goldmine. There have been a whole lot of advances. Computers have made the process of creating animation simpler. Throughout the 20th Century all cartoon was done entirely by hand by human beings one frame at a time. Currently there are computer programs which you can purchase for about a hundred bucks which will literally animate for you. This has made a dramatic increase in people that are creating animation. This cartoon is showing up more and more these days in promos and to commercials.

While Computer generated animation is showing up in TV commercials and promos like never before, just a couple of clay animation spots are being seen. This is due largely to the fact that clay animation is a very labor intensive type of animation. There is an enormous amount of manufacturing and pre-production work. There are lots of miniature sculptures and sets that have to be made and each frame of animation has to be planned out completely before its shot. Each figure must be manipulated into various positions and filmed one frame at a time with a practical technique which involves moving the clay figures and replacing them with various ones. This effort creates the illusion that the sculptures are living and this is what gives it the exceptional attraction. These figures are 3 dimensional, made as if they could exist in the actual world.

Clay Animation may cost a bit more to produce but the result is worth the cost. Any product that is promoted with promo or a commercial of the type can see results. Fox Sports used a clay animation promotional effort to market their NFL shows. They would the gang and Terry Bradshaw in clay around doing stuff running and the results were magnificent. Their NFL shows are some of the top rated sports shownow. When a Commercial or clay Animation Course in Kolkata promo comes along it captures the attention of television audiences. A certain attraction is that keeps a person one comes on the screen watching. Chicken Run, the California Raisins, Wallace and Grommet and The Nightmare before Christmas are all cases of eye candy clay animation which have garnered great benefits. They were shown to be worth the effort while these jobs may have cost slightly more than the animation job to produce.